Sunday, September 13, 2015

A Peek At Our Week - September 14-18

Parents - the Zoo has said no air mattresses for the field trip.  If you would like to bring a twin-sized air mattress for yourself, you can try.  If the Zoo say "No", we just won't blow them up.  Definitely no air mattresses for the kids.  They will have mats and they can bring a blanket/sleeping bag and a pillow!  


Here is a picture of our very own Blakeney Sewell who had the opportunity to twirl at last Saturday's Georgia Tech game!  
Way to go Blakeney!!
Please feel free to send your child's teacher a picture of something they are good at doing outside of school and we will give them a "shout out" on the blog.

Trivia Question:  
When did Labor Day become a national holiday? 
Chloe Walker answered the question correctly with the year 1894!  Congrats Chloe!!
Several states had days to honor workers earlier than this, but it was not a national holiday until that year!   

Don't forget our second turn in day is Monday, Sept. 14 for the Leave Your Mark Campaign.
Mrs. Gudnason's class has already reached 100% and they are eligible to attend the jump party.  Congrats to them!!  The other two classes are half way there. Let's get those donations in so the entire 4th grade can JUMP!  Also, we want to help earn a free day off for our school!
Fourth Grade Teachers

This is "Homecoming" week at GWA!  Our annual Banner Parade and Homecoming Pep Rally will be Friday on the football field.  The students will be allowed to wear their homecoming t-shirts on Friday.  We will send those shirts home this week.

Make sure you have read the field trip information in its entirety!  This information is important for ALL the students and chaperons. 
If you have any questions, please contact your child's teacher.

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