Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Field Trip

Just a few reminders about the trip tomorrow!

  • School is a normal day with normal dress code.  Please pick up your child their normal way.
  • Meet back at the school in the NICHOLSON CENTER PARKING LOT (change from the original plan) by 4:30 - 4:45.  
  • Please don't be late.  We would like to leave here no later than 5:00 (hopefully before then).
  • Students and chaperons need to wear a t-shirt of their group color.  They can wear any color shorts or pants.  Please wear tennis shoes.
  • Bring a sack dinner for the bus.  NO CUPS WITH STRAWS!
  • If your child is going home on Friday with someone other than you; their teacher MUST receive a note.
  • If your child is returning to the school on Friday with the teachers PLEASE be here by 11:45 to pick them up in their classroom.
  • READ, READ, READ, the field trip info again if needed.  It will give you all details about what to bring and what not to bring.
  • Chaperons are allowed to bring an air mattress if desired.  It must be the size of your sleeping bag.  Students will sleep on mats (under their sleeping bags) provided by the zoo.
  • Maps of where to park at the zoo either went home today with your child or your child's teacher will pass them out to you tomorrow.
Get Ready For A Great Adventure!!!!

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