Saturday, September 17, 2016

A Peek at our Upcoming Week - Sept. 19 - 23

Please check the fourth grade calendar for this

week's academic events.  We have a lot of extra

things happening this week, but we are still 

learning.  Please help us by explaining 

the need (to your student) to listen and pay

 attention in the midst of all the

fun we will be participating in.

Thank you,

Fourth Grade Teachers


Lower School will be participating in 

homecoming dress up days this year.  Below

 you will find a list of the themes for each day.

  Be creative and use something you already

 have at home to create your costume.

Friday's Events:

Parents are invited to attend our homecoming

pep rally which will begin at 1:00.

The tailgate in the courtyard will begin at 6:00

 and the game will start at 7:30.

Also, Lower School picture day has been postponed until

 Monday, September 26 due to dress up days next week.

Our Zoo trip is three weeks away!

Please read the information link that has been 

posted at the top of this blog to the right.

It includes the answers to all your questions

about what to bring, what not to bring,

 when we are leaving, when we are arriving 

back, and all the chaperone information you

would ever want to know.  

Again, PLEASE READ in time to ask your 

teacher any questions that may not have been

addressed in the information.

Your child's teacher will be notifying you of 

your group assignments and color.

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