Mrs. Gudnason's Homeroom

It has been a GREAT year!  This class is nothing short of amazing and I have truly enjoyed watching them learn and grow.  I hope you all have a fun summer!!  

"We have to stop taking selfies with the snake, it's time for carpool."
Things Mrs. Gudnason thought she would never say in class . . . 

The students just loved hanging out with this beauty today.  Thank you to Sarah's dad, Thomas Floyd, for bringing her to share with class, as well as a wealth of knowledge about Ecosystems.

Thank you chaperones for helping with the field trip to the Aquarium.  We couldn't have done it without you!


Curriculum Night
A Snapshot of Mrs. Gudnason's Class



Yes - all of these dress up days have made us a little CRAZY!!!

But it has certainly been FUN!!!

Our representatives did a great job!!!

Thank you to the generous parent and grandparent who sent in supplies for our classroom!  I appreciate it so much!  

Please review my class rules.  On the last slide, click the link to fill out and submit a form letting me know you read them. Thanks so much!

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