Third Graders Going To Fourth - Summer Reading Information

Summer Reading -  Fourth Grade

George Walton Academy

Required Reading
The required summer reading for an upcoming fourth grader is:  The One and Only Ivan  by:  Katherine Applegate
This story is close to home as it is about a gorilla named Ivan that Zoo Atlanta acquired in 1994.
It is a story that you will not soon forget!
This book must be purchased and not checked out from your local library.
Thank you in advance for your understanding.  
You can purchase this book at a very minimal cost on Amazon or at stores like Barnes and Noble.  
Your child will be making notes in their book, when we return to school,  as they connect the story to the following:  
text-to-self,  text-to-text, and text-to-world.  

Helpful Hints
It will be important for you to help your child pace themselves and not wait until the week before school starts to complete these assignments.   Set up some type of check system in order to monitor their progress with the story.

This book is such an incredible story.   It would be a great parent/child time each evening to have your child read it to you.  
Happy Summer Reading  -  GWA - Fourth Grade Teachers

Book Trailer for the book - The One and Only Ivan

This is Ivan after being moved to Zoo Atlanta.  This is where he lived until his death in 2012.

Listen as Katherine Applegate, the author, answers questions about The One and Only Ivan.

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