Word Study

Fourth Grade Word Study

New Word Study beginning April 16th

For the remainder of the year, we will be studying words with Greek and Latin roots.  Students will still take a pretest and receive a differentiated list on Mondays.  

There will be no applied words during this study.  During the beginning of writing class M-Th, students will work on the roots with different activities.  Part of this study will be making note cards that the students will keep in their binder.

The test will be the 10 words on list A or B, plus dictation sentences.  

Week of May 7th-11th

List A                                       List B
1.  surpass                                            1.  supercilious
2.  superlative                                      2.  superstition
3.  superficial                                       3.  superfluous
4.  surmount                                         4.  supersede
5.  survey                                             5.  surveillance
6.  superb                                               6.  surfeit
7.  supercharge                                    7.  insurmountable
8.  surcharge                                        8.  supernal
9.  surface                                            9.  superimpose

10. surplus                                            10. superfine

Students will also have 5 high frequency words that they will need to learn.  These will be selected on Monday based on their previous assessment and students will move at their own pace through this list.  

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