Third Graders Going to Fourth - Summer Practice

The students will be expected to spend 60 minutes per week working on the summer practice provided for them on this practice page.  This practice page is on the tab at the top of the blog labeled:  Third Graders Going To Fourth - Summer Practice.  The practice consists of a variety of online games that will help them review and be prepared for entering fourth grade in August.  They will need to log their blog time on the “Summer Blog Log” located on this same practice page.  You can access the fourth grade blog through the GWA website or by going to:

Online Practice
Click on the links below to play the review games.
The "online practice for all subjects" link has a variety of games to play. Just choose the subject you need the most help with and several game choices will appear.

Click on the "Summer Blog Log" link above to record time spent reviewing over the summer. Remember, the required time is 60 minutes per week of online review.

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