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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Welcome New Fourth Graders

Welcome to our new fourth graders!!!
Take this summer to get very familiar with the fourth grade blog because you will be using it a lot next year.  Click the link above that says, "Third Graders Going To Fourth" in order to practice all the skills you need to know when school starts.  You will also find information about your summer reading there too.  
We look forward to meeting you in August.
Fourth Grade Teachers

Fourth Grade Supply List

If you purchased the pre-pack at the end of third grade, then the above items will be waiting for you when school returns in August!  

If you are a new student or did not purchase the pre-pack at the end of third grade, you will need to have the items above when school starts.  Please check the sizes of items and try to follow that as closely as possible.  Also, the GWA Homework Folder and the GWA Student Planner need to be purchased in the school book store during open house if you did not purchase the pre-pack.  
Thank you!

You will need a three-ring binder that zips.  
Take a look at the example below:
This is due the first day of school.
A "2" inch binder will be sufficient.



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